How To Teach Children About Charity

Goodwill Donations

We live in a society where children are taught from a young age that it is important to help others and do good. I think that’s awesome because giving and being charitable is at the core of being human.

Goodwill’s mission is to help people who are facing barriers to get and keep jobs, which provides purpose, pride and dignity. In order to provide program and services that give these individuals the pride and satisfaction of being members of the workforce, Goodwill counts on the charitable spirit of our community at large. Only through our generous donations, purchases at the stores and utilization of Goodwill’s business services is it possible for them to fulfill this mission.

Pick A Charity And Stick With It
The best way for children to want to be charitable is for them to have a charity they can get involved with and make an emotional connection with. Having them do an active act of kindness reinforces the principles of doing good. I suggest choosing a charity that is local and has them actively involved on an age-appropriate basis. Especially for younger kids, I think Goodwill is an excellent option. All kids need to do is donate and shop. With the help of their parents, these activities can even be a lot of fun.

An Opportunity For Kids To Learn
It’s really quite easy to use Goodwill as a source to teach children how to be charitable. You can employ them to go through your closets, your attic, and your garages. You can encourage smaller children to go through their toys and set aside what they no longer like or play with. This way, they are making a very personal contribution to the donating process.

This is a good time to teach your children that helping others does not have to come in the form of money, but can simply be the act of sharing or giving – because, ultimately, what they do is  “give their things” to someone else. They give up some of their personal belongings to help another person.

You can then take your kids to the donation center and have them donate their items personally. They could even tell the workers at the donation center why they’re donating the items. This way, you can ensure they really understand why they’re doing this and reinforce the point of being charitable.

Goodwill Works Twofold
The great thing about Goodwill is that you don’t have to be done after you donate your old items. You can actually teach your kids that being charitable can be quite fun! After going to the donation center, stop by the store and show them where their donated items go. Then let them pick out something they would like for themselves and explain to them that the money they spend on this item supports the same cause as their donated items. If you really want to make a point, you could have them buy this item with their own money. They will cherish their donation much more because it came right out of their own pocket. It teaches them the value and worth of giving up something they like (money) for someone who needs it even more than they do.

As you leave to go home, you can ask your children what they thought about the experience and how they feel about helping someone else. What do you think? How have you taught your children to be charitable? Do you make it a priority?

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