Top 5 Goodwill Locations For Thrifting

Goodwill has 22 stores all over Orange County and all of them make for great finds. That means you live close to at least one of these treasure chests! With so many stores to choose from, I thought I’d give you my top 5 picks to go thrifting.

Top 5 Thrifting Locations

Number 1: Keepers in Lake Forest

Keepers is a store dedicated to home decorating. The “regular” Goodwill store right next door has all the fashion, shoes and purses – and it has A LOT of shoes, and awesome shoes at that! Keepers has higher-end home decorating accessories and furniture, sorted by color. Totally awesome store for presents, your own home, or DIY projects. It’s impossible to walk out not having found something!

Top 5 Thrifting Locations

Number 2: Classic Closet in Costa Mesa

The Classic Closet is great for some selected nice furniture pieces, as well as fashion, shoes, purses! I have no doubt you’ll find something. It’s a really fun treasure hunt to search through isles and isles of clothes and shoes. This is also a great location for guys because the section for men just as big as the section for women. Happy fashion shopping in Costa Mesa!

Top 5 Thrifting Locations

Number 3: Town Square in Anaheim

Town Square is huge and quite simply has a lot of everything; and everything is great quality. If you need anything at all, this is the location you want to check out first.

Santa Ana Location

Number 4: Goodwill in Santa Ana on Fairview

This Santa Ana location is not just a Goodwill location, but it is also home of the main donation center, the headquarters and the Goodwill MarketPlace. If you want to get super great deals and play Storage Wars without cameras, you can go to the MarketPlace and bid on some bins full of goodies at the auctions. Just like in Storage Wars, you can’t touch anything, so you can see what’s on top and guess what might be on the bottom. (Shoes usually sell best.) Large boxes sometimes go for as low as $25. Just imagine what those bins could hold… it’s like Christmas any time of the year!

Top 5 Thrifting Locations

Number 5: The new OC Goodwill Boutique in Tustin
The new boutique is my number one favorite location because it has mainly designer brands at incredible prices. You can’t go there and not find anything. The boutique does not only have fashion and tons of shoes, but it also has home decor and furniture, more upscale items and also one-of-a-kind items. So if you want to go high-end or designer-chic, try the new OC Goodwill Boutique in Tustin!

What’s your favorite location? Where have you found your best thrift steals?

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