It’s Not Too Late To Make Your Next Party Say “Summer!”

Summer is still in full swing, kids are back in school and the whole family is enjoying the last days of summer. Vacation time is over and we spend more time at home again enjoying family activities. With the extreme heat wave hitting Southern California, families can still enjoy BBQs and other get-togethers. Here are some awesome ideas for your next summer-themed party from our Goodwill stores. You will find anything from glassware in summer colors over decoration items for wall and table to simple necessities, such as fans! You name it, we have it.

Yes, it’s so simple, and, therefore, easily forgotten: The good old fan to stave off the sweat!


Just as simple: The glasses and bowls you will be serving food and beverages out of. Let them pop with these beautiful colors!

Colored Glassware

Planning a beach-themed party? We got you covered!

Nautical Theme

How about some general redecorating? Here are some ideas with light neutral summer tones, so you can add the color splashes.

General Redecorating

We do love colors! Add some red, it always stands out nicely.

Red Color Splash

Nothing spells “summer” like Hawaii. Add in some Aloha spirit!

Aloha Spirit

Have we given you plenty of inspiration? Remember your purchases help people in Orange County who are facing barriers to get and keep jobs which provide purpose, pride and dignity.

Happy late summer, everyone! What’s your next party’s theme?

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