Be Wise When It Comes To Sensitive Information: Consider Document Shredding

Document ShreddingDocument shredding is good for the environment as paper scraps get recycled instead of tossed in regular trash cans to land in landfills. But more importantly, private information that would otherwise be readily available to the eyes of strangers, gets securely destroyed. Identity theft runs rampant these days, mostly because of online issues with security and the ease of stealing credit card numbers and using them online. Therefore, we should do whatever we can to forgo more risks of becoming a victim.

What You Should Shred:

  • Any paper with sensitive information, including social security numbers, birthdays, access codes, member numbers
  • Any documents with sensitive information on your employees or coworkers
  • Any document outlining a vacation or state when the whole family will be gone and the house is empty
  • Any old or cancelled credit cards or member cards with any personal information stored on it
  • Any old employee identification cards
  • Old photo IDs (pictures are easily replaced!)
  • Old tax returns, credit card statements, bank statements, or utility bills, pay stubs
  • Convenience checks and cancelled checks
  • Credit card offers. If someone fills it out and assumes your identity through mail, no one will know it’s not really you!
  • Confidential designs, proposals, plans, and drafts
  • Any document which is mandated to be protected by laws such as HIPAA (healthcare), GLB (financial) or FACTA (general)
  • Product packaging, out of spec products, recalled products

At Goodwill of Orange County, we know how important it is to keep private information safe. The shredding service we offer is not just of benefit to you as it is completely secure and very affordable, but it employs our program participants and puts individuals with barriers to work.

How Our Service Works, Step-by-Step Process

  1. We furnish secure, locked bins at your place of business, where you deposit documents to be destroyed
  2. We pick up the bins per your schedule, and replace with empty bins
  3. We transport the bins in a sealed truck to our secure, state-of-the-art facility
  4. Documents are weighed, shredded and compacted into huge bales
  5. You receive a Certificate of Destruction as proof that all work is complete
  6. We recycle the shredded paper

Are you ready to find out more about how to contract our services? Get more information here and contact us today!

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