Home Décor Styling – Part 2: Create a Game Plan

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Now that you’ve defined you’re style and you have a cohesive idea of your design preferences, you can begin browsing for items that would complement and enhance your current space.

Take the three lists you created in Part 1, and choose which features appeal to you most in each list that you created.

1. Create a budget

Decide beforehand how much you’re willing to spend to redecorate your space. Having an overall budget will allow you to prioritize your list in order of importance. Once you’ve established an overall budget, decide how you’d like to allocate it. Divide it up by room, or by item category.


2. Browse for inspiration

Once you have an idea of your price points, start browsing for inspiration. Consider going into a local book store and finding a few interior design magazines or books that feature designs that appeal to you. Go window-shopping and take pictures of items that stand out to you — ones that fit the style you defined in part one. You can even go “window-shopping” online and create a virtual scrapbook of items that appeal to you.


Check out OC Goodwill’s Pinterest Page for even more inspiration!

3. Create a wish-list

With your budget in mind, create a wish-list of items that you’d like to obtain eventually. This list is by no means all-inclusive — you will constantly be updating and adding to it as you start hunting for items. You may prefer to specify a budget for each item, or a more holistic approach in which you group the items with an overall cost in mind.


« Part 1: Define Your Style | Part 2: Create a Game Plan | Part 3: Final Thoughts »

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