Home Décor Styling – Part 1: Define Your Style

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It’s happened: you’ve decided that you want to redecorate or completely redefine your living space. Maybe you’ve been considering it for a while, but a lack of time or budget is standing in your way.

In this 3-part series, we’re going to offer tips and insight on how to decorate (or re-decorate) your home without breaking your budget.

Defining Your Style

Developing a unique style for your home décor often happens organically over time. You amass a collection of furniture, furnishings, and adornments through a combination of necessity, gifts from friends and family, and the occasional impulse buy.

But your home décor style doesn’t have to be an incoherent mash-up of items you’ve accumulated over time. Before you embark on creating a cohesive style for your apartment or home, take the time to review the items you currently have in the following ways:

1. Start with your furniture.

Create a list of each piece of furniture, and categorize it as “Keep” or “Wish I could replace”. If you not sure about an item, create a third category and review it after you’ve finished with the other items.

After making the list, review common themes that the items in your “Keep” category have in common. Look at how they’re built, what materials they’re built with, and how they’re upholstered. If you created an “Unsure” category, see which of those items have something in common with your favorites.

Home Decorating

You’ll probably notice some immediate themes in your favorite pieces

2. Now do the same thing with your current furnishings.

Do you have specific items you cherish, such as a trophy collection or specific pieces of art? Now that you’ve got a basic idea of your furniture preferences, think about how you’d like to accent them. Do you like busy, intricate displays, or simple, clean ones?

Home Decorating

Accent items can make a huge difference in the overall style of a room

3. Think about how you’d like your space to “feel”.

People often find that their style preferences don’t fit into one specific category of décor. Think about your favorite vacation destinations or places you like to visit. What vibe do the different spaces give off?

Which type of room would you want to spend the most time in?

Which type of room would you want to spend the most time in?

« Part 1: Define Your Style | Part 2: Create a Game Plan | Part 3: Final Thoughts »

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