5 In 1: Goodwill’s Main Campus in Santa Ana Has It All!

If you need a place where you can do it all, Goodwill of Orange County’s Main Campus in Santa Ana on Fairview and 5th is the one! It is a one-stop experience for pretty much everything. Let’s see what this location has to offer.

Goodwill Headquarters


Have you ever wondered what happens to all the donations after you drop them off at Goodwill? Schedule a complimentary tour and discover what Goodwill is all about. This tour is an eye-opening view into our remarkable world. Real Goodwill tours are offered twice monthly.

Goodwill Store

The Goodwill Store

Of course you can shop here! Fairview has a large store with lots of fashion for men, women and kids. Shoes and purses abound, and this location has a really big section with furniture, housewares and toys.

Goodwill Computer Works

Goodwill Computer Works

If you’re looking for anything electronic, new to vintage, you should come to Goodwill Computer Works. This place has everything from old radio boxes (the ones where you manually turn a wheel to see an actual needle move from one station number to the next) to newer LCDs. Goodwill Computer Works in Santa Ana offers refurbished computer systems and other computer equipment, such as laptops with preloaded OS, monitors, LCDs, formatted hard drives, computer parts, cables, accessories, and all kinds of computer paraphernalia. But it also offers other electronics, such as TVs, TVs with integrated DVD players (and yes, even VCRs!), DVD players, stereo equipment and iPod docks, and so much more.

Goodwill's Marketplace

The MarketPlace

We think the MarketPlace is an awesome idea and so much fun. Do you like Storage Wars? Well, here, you get to play it yourself (just for a lot cheaper!). Instead of bidding on lockers or storage units, you bid on large boxes of stuff. What stuff? Well, that’s the “Wow Factor!” You get to look at the boxes, but you can’t touch them. And then you bid on them. It’s that simple. Large boxes go for as low as $25. It always depends on what’s on the surface to see. Generally boxes with shoes move the best. Come check it out! We guarantee the MarketPlace is worth the experience!

Goodwill Donation Center

Donation Center

Apart from all the shopping, you can also donate here. We have a large donation center at this location. From here, we sort, organize and package up all donations and then they are distributed to other Goodwill stores.

Remember that your donations and purchases support Goodwill’s programs directly. 92 cents of every dollar spent supports our programs and services. So please enjoy your Goodwill experience while doing good!

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