Upgrade Your Backyard for Summer at Goodwill of Orange County

Readers, I have a confession:

I’m a horrible decorator.

Even worse, I actually have a bachelor’s degree in interior design. There! I said it; the secret’s out.

We all have friends who seem to have a gift for decorating, but I’m definitely not one of those very talented people. Still, I can’t let my house go undecorated. Nope, that wouldn’t be very proper for a married thirtysomething. Also, summertime and margaritas on the patio with friends go together like tequila and lime. I can’t have that happening on a dull patio.

The problem is that when it’s time to shop for decor – specifically, outdoor decor – I run into a few roadblocks.

First, outdoor decor is meant to look weathered and eclectic. Call me a snob, but I feel a little like a poseur buying new things which are meant to look old. If you’re creating an eclectic outdoor tablescape, each component should have it’s own unique quality, right?

Also, my decor tastes change a few times a year. I see things in magazines, on Pinterest and in other friends’ homes and want to change things up – if I bought new at Pier of World Imports every time, that might cut into my wardrobe budget.

(Not happening.)

Getting my outdoor decor pieces at Goodwill of Orange County solves these dilemmas. Everything is authentically weathered and worn, and most items I found recently at the location in Santa Ana on 5th and Fairview were under $10.00.

Plenty of money left over for shoes.

So, here’s my no-fail, clueless-decorator method of creating clusters of decor for an outdoor space:

Build a grouping of items which have similar qualities. We’re looking for what designers call rhythm – which is, in technical terms, the lowest common denominator between a grouping of items. This is how you create great decor that’s not so matchy-matchy. And, the best part, “rhythm” is really up to your own interpretation.

Using this formula, I made 4 different groupings that would look great on a patio table or garden shelf.

goodwill outdoor centerpiece 1

goodwill outdoor centerpiece 2

goodwill outdoor centerpiece 3

goodwill outdoor centerpiece 4

And, at Goodwill, you can probably find a complete backyard solution because I also found an excellent section of outdoor chairs.



For more backyard ideas, check out my outdoor decorating board on Pinterest.

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