Purses And Shoes And Deals, Oh My!

Goodwill Shoes and PursesWhen visiting any Goodwill of Orange County store, don’t forget to check out the purse and shoes sections! It’s the first thing I do. What great steals you can find there!

Oh, just think of all the occasions you need shoes for. Work shoes, running shoes, casual shoes, shopping shoes, Saturday night shoes, wedding shoes, beach shoes. Heels, flats, plateaus, sandals, boots, bootlets, close-toed, open-toed. Oh, and the places they’ll take you! To the park, to the beach, to Disneyland, downtown, to the mall, to the club, to a restaurant, to the office, to your grandma’s house, to your boyfriend’s parents’ house. I think it’s safe to say that you need a lot of shoes – and at Goodwill of Orange County, you can afford them ALL at an average price of $7.99 a pair!

And the purses! Oh the purses… What woman can live without such a portable treasure chest? There are about as many styles of purses as there are styles of shoes. The work purse, the beach purse, the dressy purse, the mommy purse, the Saturday night purse, the Sunday morning purse, the grocery-shopping purse, the going-to-the-movies purse, the day trip purse. Not to mention the clutch, the handbag, the backpack, the shoulder bag and the dressy shopping bag. Who has the money to buy all those different purses? I don’t. But when I shop at Goodwill, I certainly do because purses have an average price of just $9.99! Wow!

And here’s a Goodwill Pro Shopper tip: If you want to save even more (aka get twice the amount of shoes and purses), Goodwill has a color tag sale every week where ever item with that color tag is an additional 50% off! And if you want to stay up-to-date on what color sale is going on each week, like them on Facebook to get the latest insider alerts!

How about some inspiration? Which ones are your favorites?

The Saturday-Night

Goodwill Shoes and Purses

The Take-Me-To-Work

Goodwill Shoes and Purses

The I-Want-It-All!

Goodwill Shoes and Purses

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