The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Refurbished Computer

Refurbished ComputersDid you know Goodwill of Orange County doesn’t just sell used electronics? We also sell refurbished computers.

What’s The Difference?
A used computer is a not-new computer you buy from someone. It’s been used and you buy it at your own risk. A refurbished computer is actually inspected, tested and repaired where necessary to ensure that it meets the quality standards of the manufacturer. So in a way, buying a refurbished computer is sort of like buying a new computer – just at a much better price!

What Are The Pros?

  • Refurbished computers are much better priced than new computers, but they are tested for like-new functionality.
  • They come with warranty, so there’s nothing to lose.

What Are The Cons?

  • You cant custom-configure a refurbished computer, so make sure you pick all the features you want.
  • They may not come with the original keyboard, mouse, monitor, that a new computer might come with.
  • Software discounts for preloaded software may not be available, so make sure you read the description carefully.

Benefits of Buying A Refurbished Computer at Goodwill’s Computer Works:

  • Both, refurbished desktops and laptops, available
  • MACs and PCs
  • Computer systems come with accessories (mouse, keyboard, and monitor)
  • Systems are preloaded with Windows or MAC OS
  • Includes a 30 day warranty for parts and labor (no software)
  • Goodwill Computer Works offers repairs for out-of-warranty computers purchased from us at a nominal fee for labor/parts
  • Every purchase supports Goodwill job training and employment services for people facing barriers to employment in Orange County

So if you’re thinking about a computer, think refurbished. And if you want to save a lot of money, even more than what you’d save on a manufacturer’s website, go to Goodwill Computer Works to buy a refurbished computer system. It’ll save you big; and after all, we’re all about savings!

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