A Classy Experience At The Classic Closet

Classic Closet ChairsCosta Mesa is home to a lot of nice stores and places. One of them is the ‘Classic Closet’, Goodwill’s Costa Mesa store, and it really is classy. Like all Goodwill locations, this store offers a range of fashion for men, women and kids, shoes, handbags, home decoration and kitchen items, bedding and furniture. The Classic Closet also offers electronics and has a big selection of sporting goods. It’s a true gem!

From Kitchen Island…
If you’re looking for furniture, the Costa Mesa location is a great stop for you. Most of the furniture might as well be new, just because it looks so awesome! The other day, I saw a large, movable kitchen island. It had white wood, with a light brown cutting surface, lots of storage space, towel rack… it had everything you could look for in a kitchen island, short of the stove. And what did it cost? $100! Awesome, can’t beat that! Or how about some new chairs? These are my personal favorites:

Classic Closet Chairs

To Fashion Island!
When you start looking at the clothes in this store, you go from kitchen island to fashion island in a heartbeat! This store features a nice amount of dressy clothes for women, but also has a good selection of sports wear and coats. The Classic Closet loves men, because there is a whole section of the store just for their own fashion needs! For all the ladies that like Saturday Nights out, how about this ensemble:

Goodwill Costa Mesa Fashion

And just wait until you see the selection of shoes and purses! How about Steve Madden heels?

Goodwill Costa Mesa Shoes

I think the Classic Closet in Costa Mesa has something for everyone! Which picture above is your reason to go check out this store?

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