The Real Goodwill Tour

I have donated clothing to Goodwill since I was young, and thought my old sneakers, shirts, toys and jeans went straight from the loading dock to the racks. Yet after taking “The Real Goodwill Tour,” I was humbled to find out that my donations actually go towards funding social and economic independence. They provide job training to people who face barriers to employment. And my donations help employ workers with physical and developmental disabilities who face on average 10 times higher unemployment rates than others in our community.


Join us at the Real Goodwill Tour!

While taking part in “The Real Goodwill Tour,” I saw how donated items from all over Orange County become the driving force in creating valuable work hours. After witnessing the productivity in the packing and assembling area where employees were diligently labeling products and building promotional displays, it became clear why, in 2012 alone, over 250 companies‒like Cox Communications and California Pizza Kitchen‒hired Goodwill-trained workers.

Goodwill-trained workers also take part in other Business Solutions programs like certified document destruction, E-waste solutions, and custodial services. These programs equip them with the skills required to thrive in the work place. The programs empower workers, give them a greater sense of independence and drive, and remind us all how important it is to donate items to Goodwill as often and as much as we can.

Creating a path to independence is a constant, motivating factor for Goodwill of Orange County. By donating your gently used items, you directly fund the programs that propel individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment to brighter social and economic futures. So donate your clothing, household items, toys, computers, printers and televisions and help give Goodwill-trained workers opportunities for dignity and self-reliance as they create their path to independence.

By Jordan Marquez

To find out more about The Real Goodwill Tours, visit

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