Huntington Beach Mom Finds Her Style at Goodwill

Hi everyone – Nicole from the Wardrobe Code here with a tale of a smart shopping mom from Huntington Beach.

April Kurtyka is one busy lady.

She’s a wife, a mom to 3 children and a local business owner in Huntington Beach. But just calling April a “business owner” doesn’t seem totally accurate – because, the truth is, April is on a mission to empower women and mothers in her community.

Her studio in Huntington Beach is the intersection of emotional well-being, physical health and natural childbirth. She and her associates offer everything from chiropractic care, to reiki and massage – with April’s area of specialty being one who helps families through childbirth (also known as a doula).

Being the super-smart matriarch of her proverbial village, she also values being thrifty and shopping smart. When she’s not expanding her empire from Surf City, she’s building a bohemian-chic wardrobe. Last week we got together for a fun shopping trip and found some amazing things for her wardrobe at the Goodwill in Costa shopping

Since April was looking for a good variety of garments to add to her wardrobe, we did a full clean sweep of the store, searching in almost every section on an early Saturday morning. We looked through blouses, dresses, pants and skirts. The store was packed with everything from vintage clothing from the 80s and 90s, gently-used designer fashions and very stylish, brand new cast-off merchandise from a large big-box shopping checkoutmom shopping storefront

As we left the store and April carried her bags to the car, she was in a little bit of shock. We’ve all shopped sales before and we’ve all gotten killer deals. But most of us haven’t had the experience of spending a mere $70 and walking away with the following:

  • 2 pair pants
  • 1 pair of very stylish goucho pants (cropped, wide leg pants)
  • 2 skirts; one denim, one a gorgeous pleated floral
  • 1 knit dress, vintage 90s
  • 1 sequin tank
  • 2 blue blouses
  • 1 cardigan with pink trim
  • 1 pair of suede peep toe booties (in near excellent condition)

mom shopping purchases

mom shopping clothes final layout

So, how did all this new stuff work out for her? Well, April is still integrating the new things she brought home with her existing wardrobe. She discovered that bright blue and yellow are great colors for her and that she may have a newfound affinity for knit dresses.

She is also cleaning out her closet and editing her collection so she can bring in some donations to Goodwill of Orange County.

mom shopping final outfits

The experience of shopping at Goodwill was exciting for April; she found some amazing additions to her wardrobe for a very affordable price. All it took was shopping with a little patience and focus.

While shopping, we also found a great gift for her teenage daughter: a mint-condition calligraphy set.

mom shopping calligraphy gift

Nicole Longstreath is a wardrobe strategist in Costa Mesa, California. To learn more about how she helps clients locally and from all over the world, check her out at

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