Roadmap to Success

Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” While Yogi had a unique way of mangling logic, he was essentially right about direction. At Goodwill we spend a great deal of time defining our strategies and making decisions on how to best allocate our resources—all with one goal in mind: serve more people in the community.

Recently we announced our intentions to double the number of people we help to get and keep jobs, over the next five years. I assure you we will be laser focused on delivering on this promise to the community. Every line of business and program will increase our engagement with customers, donors and other businesses in the community by leaning in and listening, so we can do an even better job. This kind of inclusiveness extends to our employees, program participants and our stakeholders, who I have no doubt, will tell us directly how we can best meet the needs of the community.

In 2013 we’ve established some very specific goals.

  1. Increase our customer base and grow our donated goods volume so that we can generate the resources required to provide services such as an online learning program or special services for veterans and unemployed/underemployed women who want to join the workforce but need extra help getting there.
  2. Increase the profit contribution of our social enterprises by improving operational efficiencies. For instance, the small but significant act of converting the lighting in our stores to more energy efficient systems saves us thousands of dollars each month.
  3. Increase our visibility in the community and raise greater awareness of our mission. By expanding our reach through social networks and enhancing the shopping experience at our stores, we will grow more touch points to connect to the community.
  4. Increase and focus resources on services that will help people facing barriers, get jobs. We will increase the number of job developers who will convince companies that the best move they can make, is to hire Goodwill-trained workers.

Along the way we will measure, evaluate and respond. Thanks to an amazing team at Goodwill, I know that together we can take Goodwill from great to spectacular.

Here’s to a stellar year!

Frank Talarico, Jr.

Frank Talarico Jr.

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