Valentine’s Fashions from Goodwill

Hello everyone! Nicole here from the Wardrobe Code. Although the “holiday” season has passed, February happens to be synonymous with that one special holiday dedicated to L.O.V.E.

On the subject of Valentine’s Day, there are generally two schools of thought: it’s either a.) wonderful day to celebrate the love you share with someone or b.) a fake holiday based on consumerism, which encourages everyone to evaluate their love based on how much was spent on dinner, flowers, jewelry, chocolates or all of the above.

Both camps are fervent in their opinion, and being on the same page about the subject is usually critical to general relationship happiness.

Thankfully, my husband and I both fall right down the middle; we acknowledge the holiday with a card and a fancy, home-cooked dinner prepared by him. He does the cooking, I do the wardrobing.

Although we avoid the restaurant crowds on V-Day, we know that’s no reason to avoid getting a little spiffed up for one another. So, to find some festive Valentine’s attire, I headed to my favorite Goodwill location.

Shopping at Goodwill

Dressing women for Valentine’s Day is pretty easy; a red dress is always a safe go-to look. I opted for something with a little more depth – a look that said “vintage Valentine.” I found an ivory pencil skirt by Max Mara ($6.99), a black lace t-shirt ($5.49) and a hot pink lady jacket ($9.99). I finished the look with a pair of oxblood suede Cole Haan pumps I found at the Costa Mesa Goodwill location for $14.99.

valentines shoes

However, dressing men for this holiday presents more of a challenge.

The traditional approach to dressing men for a holiday usually involves a festive tie. My husband favors argyle socks to ties in general, so I found him a pair of chalky-red chinos and paired it with a white button-down shirt.

valentines looks

Festive enough. Not too dressed up, but enough to remind us of the holiday.

Have your own Valentine’s photo you want to share? Just upload it to your favorite social network with the hashtag #LoveOCGoodwill for your chance to win several prizes, including a $100 gift card from either, or Ruby’s Diner.

Nicole Longstreath is a wardrobe strategist in Costa Mesa, California. To learn more about how she helps clients locally and from all over the world, check her out at

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