On Trend with 70’s Fashions!

Hello everyone! Nicole here from the Wardrobe Code.

In anticipation of Fashion Week, the team here at Goodwill couldn’t help but notice something a little groovy in what we saw in the pages of Vogue. Trends come and go, and come again – and it’s apparent that the influence of 70s style is making a comeback.

70s Valentino

70s Valentino via Vogue

You don’t need to have a haute couture budget to jump on this trend bandwagon. However, wearing 70s-inspired style without looking like you’re on your way to a costume party takes a little bit of strategy and restraint. Less definitely is more when it comes to this very distinctive style, so consider wearing only one item of 70s-inspired gear at a time.

Although – be advised – wearing anything inspired by the 70s will likely attract “compliments” from everyone around you, so be prepared to take it in stride. Making a fashion statement requires a degree of personal risk, but exercising a little bit of personal style can be a lot fun.

To help you ease into sporting a 70s-inspired look, I’ve compiled a few 70s fashions you can try in your own wardrobe starting with beginner to advanced. Start with something easy, or make a statement.

Beginner: Printed Maxi Dresses

This full-length dress has been on-trend for a few years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s especially popular here in Southern California because of it’s versatility; wear to the beach with sandals, or dress it up and wear out for dinner or to a party. Again, because of the climate, a maxi dress is even appropriate in colder months paired with a jacket or a cardigan.


Printed silk-chiffon maxi dress via Net-A-Porter

Beginner: Secretary Blouses

Sporting a secretary blouse is to mostly channel the very late 70s. At the time, most women held only administrative positions in the workforce. For them, wearing a suit jacket wasn’t necessary and the blouse with the bow in front became the garment of choice for typists and secretaries.

Today, wearing secretary blouses is a the best way to dress up anything casual – jeans, shorts, a casual skirt. Pair with a cardigan, belting it is optional

Printed silk-blen chiffon blouse via

Printed silk-blen chiffon blouse via Net-A-Porter

When I think of these blouses, I always imagine the workplace caper, 9 to 5, which featured a delightful array of secretary blouses.

70s 9 to 5 via IMDb

70s 9 to 5 via IMDb

Advanced: Structured Leather Jackets

This type of jacket puts it into the advanced category because the of the exaggerated style of the collar and lapel. Any regular shirt with a large collar and lapel is instantly reminiscent of the 70s, but, in leather, the statement is definitely more pronounced. Pair the structured leather jacket with modern basics to avoid looking costume-ish.

Donna Karan Belted Leather Jacket via The Outnet

Donna Karan Belted Leather Jacket via The Outnet

Advanced: Fur Vests

Vests alone are in the “advanced” category of fashion. Add fur, or faux fur, and you’re definitely making a statement. This is a look which will surely get you noticed everywhere you happen to go on the day you wear it. For a more chic look, belt it as shown in the photo.

Diane von FurstenbergNeo Fur Vest via SHOPBOP

Diane von Furstenberg
Neo Fur Vest via SHOPBOP

So there you have it! Remember: try each of these trends individually – instead of pairing the fur vest with a secretary blouse (not a good combo). But don’t be afraid to take a chance and wear something new-to-you in an unexpected way.

Nicole Longstreath is a wardrobe strategist in Costa Mesa, California. To learn more about how she helps clients from all over the world, check her out at http://theWardrobeCode.com

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