Goodwill-trained Workers Join Forces with Freedom Communications

While we have relied on the Orange County Register for decades to promote our stores and donation centers as well as sharing news with the community, we recently teamed up with the Orange County Register on a new project. The flagship publication of Freedom Communications, Inc. –publisher of 28 daily newspapers, 23 weekly newspapers, Coast magazine, and several related Internet sites, had a big job to do and we were happy to help.

Through our supported employment program, we deployed a team of “Inserters” to perform order assembly and fulfillment of printed inserts, seven days a week. The team averages 2.5 million inserts per week on the production line. Richard Silbas, was selected as the program manager to ensure timely delivery and quality control. “I am proud to witness the resiliency, courage, and drive in each individual worker,” said Silbas. “It is no surprise that the employees are proving to everyone, what the power of work can do.”

This partnership helps to create jobs and provide valuable work experience for individuals who want to work, but needed a support system. Like Brian, who after being unemployed for a number of years, came to Goodwill’s Employment Works’ program hopeful that a job opportunity would arise. Sure enough, after a rigorous screening process, he is now an integral part of the Orange County Register team. According to Brian, this job has truly given him a great sense of achievement as well as a paycheck. There are currently 16 Goodwill-trained workers, filling full and part time positions at the Santa Ana Orange County Register warehouse. Recently, the Orange County Register has asked for a second Inserter Team. We are greatly encouraged by the success and the potential of this partnership.

In Goodwill’s Supported Employment Services program, participants work with a job coach, receive job training, and the opportunity to work and earn a paycheck. Participants can work in groups of up to four people with a staff member that accompanies them at all times. Participants who experience greater independence work without this type of support. To learn more about this great staffing solution, visit or call 714.547.6308 Ext. 348.


Brian, proudly working to fulfill his daily insert goals at the Orange County Register.

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