Wearable Fashions for Real People

While it’s fun to be on trend, often the fashions presented in magazines and local boutiques aren’t really practical for most people who don’t work the runway. We’ve discovered some practical tips to help class up your wardrobe without spending a fortune—especially if you choose pieces from your local Goodwill store.

Think Layers. Layers look great and are a must for overheated or cooled offices and the changing weather in Orange County that goes from 35 to 70n within a few hours on any given day.  Layers will fill up the spaces between you and your winter coat. One layer can be represented in a sweater, a shirt and an undershirt. Your outer layer is your winter coat and you may find that with this look, ca coat may not even be necessary, but a short pea coat or blazer adds interest. Think embellished undershirt or t-shirt then a blouse or light sweater, dig out that vest you’ve always loved but weren’t quite sure how to pull off, add a wool or woven scarf and voila! You’ve got a great look and can get added mileage out of favorite pieces.


Color. Base colors including taupe, soft grey, winter whites and chocolate brown are must haves for every wardrobe because they help pull outfits together or provide a canvas to start your look. The rule for warm and cool colors is there are no rules. Sure your skin, hair and eye colors will work much better with certain shades, but with so many fun colors in this season’s palette you can add a pop of color to just about any outfit—even colors you thought you couldn’t wear. This year’s cool colors range from loden to pine to peacock. And speaking of green, Pantone has named its top hue for fashion, home and beauty for 2013 and you guessed it Emerald Green wins! But before you run out and buy up everything emerald don’t forget the other cool color friends, like grape, fuchsia and syrah and they’re showing in a wide range of fabrics and textures so you can have more fun without having to be matchy-matchy. Warm winter colors begin at a dusty cabernet, heating up toward crimson, tomato and right into orange, sweet potato and toffee.

Coming Soon…Fashion Goddess Guest Blogger! While we don’t claim to be experts in fashion, we have come across some great style divas over the past couple of years and we are thrilled to announce that we will be regularly featuring guest blogs from Wardrobe Consultant, Nicole Longstreath of the Wardrobe Code.

For now, you can find more specific wearable fashion trends that include fun geometric patterns to simple shirtwaist dresses, by checking out ivillage.com 10 Totally Wearable 2013 Fashion & Beauty Trends.

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