Frances’ Determination Speaks Volumes

Frances came to the United States seven years ago from the Philippines. She is deaf and had to learn English and American Sign Language so she participated in Goodwill’s Independent Learning Skills program where she learned English, more about American culture and job training skills. Thanks to Goodwill’s social enterprise model, Frances was able to gain real world experience processing donated goods where she worked alongside a diverse group of men and women. The benefits were tremendous, as she not only learned how to work productively, she was able to socialize and learn from a team of motivated workers.

During this time, she learned how to conduct a job search, practice personal development and interview skills and assess the types of jobs available. While Frances had never worked before, she was eager and motivated to learn as much as she could to be prepared for the day she would get a job.

Eventually, Frances did find the job at Embassy Suites, after a very successful interview accompanied by her job developer Tynisha.  As a leader in hospitality, Embassy Suites has a strong emphasis on quality and service, so this has been a great fit since Frances is so committed to exceeding expectations. Today, Frances communicates with her supervisor and co-workers by text messaging, and they are learning to sign.

“Of course, I believe in work and I’m able to save money and to improve and to make a big change and a difference in my life. Before it was a struggle but now I’m able to be successful because I am working,” notes Frances. “I believe in work. I’m able to save money and improve and make a big difference in my life.”

At Goodwill, we help to change lives, one life at a time. We believe individuals facing challenges to employment should have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. Whether re-entering the job market or joining the workplace for the first time, they should have the prospect of attaining even greater self confidence and personal worth. We are so proud of Frances and thought you might enjoy watching this short video about her experience.


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