Have a Green Season

It’s easy to overspend, overeat and even over-heat our homes during the season but there are lots of ways you can reduce your global footprint. Bonus—many of these ideas are gifts from the heart and will be remembered long after the holidays.

Below is just a starting point and we hope that you will join the conversation via social media.

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  • Recycle wrapping paper
  • Reuse the front of Christmas cards from last year as gift tags for this year
  • Use LED lights
  • Bake your specialties and fill up recycled tins, baskets or trays
  • Make recycled ornaments with your kids out of old newspapers or cans and pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed ornaments for outside trees.
  • Make gifts from used items found at Goodwill stores
  • Go thrift shopping and give a second life to sporting gear, décor and electronics
  • Use an artificial Christmas tree or buy a small living tree that can be replanted
  • Give a Goodwill gift card for tips to your newspaper carrier, dry cleaner, baby sitters and others who can stretch $10 farther than they might a $10 coffee card.
  • Burn candles instead of lights for a few hours each evening
  • Have a caroling party or play a family game and turn off the big screen
  • Decorate with fewer lights—consider alternatives like popcorn strings
  • If you buy gifts, purchase items with less packaging so there’s less to throw away
  • Purchase decorations from your local Goodwill store, they’ll be like new to you
  • Donate your children’s gently used toys, games, puzzles, etc. to Goodwill.
  • If you buying flowers as a gift consider buying potted plants or bushes that can be planted in the spring
  • When setting the table for dinner use cloth napkins instead of paper, and use reusable plates and silverware made by recycled products, or your own flatware
  • Make room for your new electronics; donate your old electronics to Goodwill (we’re a state certified collector of electronics)
  • Combine your shopping trips, it will save you time, gas, and it’s eco friendly. Or, shop online at shopgoodwill.com
  • If you are going to celebrate the holidays away from home consider carpooling, or if you are having multiple guests suggest them to carpool
  • If you have everything you would want, have your loved one donate what they would spend on you to Goodwill

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