Guilt Free Holiday Shopping

Whether it’s toys for the kids, an electronic gadget for teens, festive holiday decor for mom, or a sweater for dad, Goodwill stores are full of unique holiday gift ideas at bargain prices.  While others scramble to holiday sales at major retail stores, smart shoppers head to Goodwill, where prices are often much lower than sale items at larger chains.

Goodwill stores feature gently used and new items that are bargains for smart shoppers. Social media posts mention all kinds of bargains that Goodwill shoppers have recently enjoyed:

“I just picked up skis and boots for my son at Goodwill’s store in Santa Ana.”

“Almost new holiday tableware at a great price!”

“Deals on all kinds of holiday clothes and shoes for the kids.”

“I bought my daughter a bike for Christmas.”

Most Goodwill stores introduce more than 2,000 new items every day into their inventory mix on the sales floor. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for today, your best bet is to check back the next day.  And despite pressure to buy new gifts or decorations, you can shop at Goodwill and have a guilt-free holiday because not only are you saving money you’re supporting an organization that is helping people facing barriers to employment, to get and keep jobs.

When it comes to shopping, parents, grandparents and friends love homemade gifts at holiday time.  Give used and repurposed gifts with a personal twist. A gift from the heart never goes out of style and is great for the environment!  For example: Coffee cups, glasses, bowls, plates and baskets can be decorated and filled with treats, gift cards and other unique items from Goodwill make thoughtful and inexpensive gifts. Goodwill always has lots of picture frames that can be decorated using costume jewelry, glitter and paint to make a special personalized gift. Alternately, if you don’t want to make something but would rather buy a nice gift you can save on sporting equipment, winter clothing, electronics—or just about anything else for every member of your family.

We also have lots of decorating ideas in our home décor section that are a fraction of the price you would pay elsewhere, so re-think your holiday list and explore all the possibilities at Goodwill.

To see just a few of the great holiday ideas visit Goodwill’s flickr page at

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