Goodwill Means Good Jobs

Goodwill’s sole purpose is to serve a vital need for people in our community that are facing barriers to employment. Those barriers range from physical or developmental disabilities to people who are without a home or they may lack education, or they may face a language barrier or maybe life events have been keeping them from getting on the path to independence.

Simply put– we help people who want to work train for, find and get jobs. It’s one of the things that we do better than anyone else. Last year alone through workforce development we helped refuel the economy with more than $10 million in wages for people who earned a job with Goodwill’s help. We provide on-the job training, supported employment, real world skills and we help people get back into the job market—and sometimes we help people get their very first job.

But it takes a commitment from local businesses to take the first step in debunking old beliefs that people who face barriers won’t be a fit in the business world. If you make staffing decisions you owe it to yourself to talk about how Goodwill can provide your business with trained and motivated employees. Your business will not only hire a qualified worker, you’ll also make a positive impact on our entire community. Productive and engaged individuals are the foundation of any healthy workforce. That’s why we believe the power of work changes lives.

Click on this link to see just a few of the local companies we work with and consider adding your company’s name to that list!

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