Find/Give Inspiration When You Shop

If you haven’t been into one of our stores lately, you’ve missed out on a great makeover from the inside out! You’ll immediately see we are highlighting a very clear message to shoppers: by shopping here, you’re creating a path to jobs.  The whole new shopping experience focuses on personalization, using faces of real Goodwill program participants who are benefitting from loyal shoppers who choose Goodwill.  When you shop at Goodwill, you’re not just finding great deals– you are supporting job training and placement programs for people facing barriers to employment.

The uplifting theme “Find/Give” is present throughout the stores and speaks directly to finding joy, recognition and purpose. Every day the whole Goodwill team is focused on one thing: ensuring we are able to help more people each year find greater joy and purpose in life through employment and that they are recognized for their abilities. Goodwill stores feature gently used and new items that are bargains for smart shoppers. Most stores introduce more than 2,000 new items every day into their inventory mix on the sales floor. So if you don’t find what you’re looking for today, your best bet is to check back the next day!

Shopping at Goodwill has even caught on within the fashion community. Nicole Longstreath, a local wardrobe consultant writes in her blog, The Wardrobe Code, “I frequently hunt through one of my favorite Goodwill OC locations to find the best secondhand clothing. Most garments at Goodwill run about $7, regardless of the label – so you can actually play with fashion and experiment! Plus, your purchases go to a good cause – helping local individuals and families gain greater independence.” Be sure to visit Nicole’s blog—it’s always entertaining and full of tips and tricks for maximizing shopping dollars.

Goodwill has stores throughout Orange County and this handy link, provides a convenient store locator. Be sure to subscribe to our e-newsletter that offers special promotions, information about new stores and discount offers, in addition to compelling stories about individuals they serve.

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